Seriously? – Battling Swiss Cows?

battling Swiss cows I’ve lived in Switzerland for ten years now, ample time to assimilate you might think, and yet some things still remain passing strange.

This weekend, 12,000 people ( a huge number by Swiss standards) turned up to watch cows battle for the title “Queen of Queens”.

This is nothing like bull-fighting. None of the animals are harmed and the cows fight only with each other.

This picture shows Manhattan, the determined-looking cow on the left, literally going head to head with her rival Pouky.

Manhattan won. At least that’s what they tell me. All I could see was two very big cows pushing each other around a field. But then I have roughly the same level of understanding of Sumo Wrestling or Baseball.

I admire the way the Swiss maintain these kinds of traditions. There is no hertiage-industry feel to these events the way there now is with classic English occaisions like Henley or Wimbledon.

And the cows seem to have a lot of fun.

Take a look


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