Leaving Auckland

So, I’m heading back to Switzerland after two weeks in Auckland. Most of the time was work, either in the office or my hotel. I was too tired to travel far but I walked a lot of downtown and the harbour. I’m left with a pleasant impression of Auckland. It’s a working city that has style. The food is good and very varied. The culture seems much more multicultural than my experience of Sydney. Everyone I met was friendly and open. It would be an easy place to live.

It is Autumn here. The winds are strong and it rains most days but I love the freshness of it. It reminds me of living on the north-west coast of England.

I learnt a new management approach that seems to be a Kiwi thing. It’s called “The Number 8 Wire”. This is  gauge of wire that a farmer might use to jerry-rig a fix for just about anything at all. It leads to a pragmatic – just get it fixed – approach that mostly is a strength  but some times gets in the way of adopting best practice.

Anyway , I have another day or so of flying ahead of me and then  I can get back to normal life


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