“WWW : Watch” by Robert J Sawyer – a little more static than “Wake” but worth a read


This continues the tale of Caitlin and the emergent AI Webmind. This is a fun book, easy to read, packed with ideas and with characters you care about.

This book is slightly more static than the first in the series. It allows itself the time for the protagonists to lay out their arguments and explore the issues.

If you are a sci fi fan, you will definitely get this book. If not, well you’ll either become a sci fi fan or move on to the next book. Sawyer delights in using science fiction itself as a reference point that his protagonists use to figure stuff out with: movies like “War Games”, “Star Trek” and the “Planet of Apes” series rub shoulders with references to Vernor Vinge and George Orwell. It’s a fun ride for those of us who remember all those movies coming out (I’m definitely in the “parent” generation for this book) and a great appetizer for those to whom this is all new.

The ideas in the book are exciting and relevant and unashamedly selling a message that the evolutionary value of consciousness is to enable us to choose to step outside our genetically programmed responses.

Definitely worth a read.

I look forward to the final part of the trilogy being published next month.

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