“River Of The Dead” by Barbara Nadel -11th Cetin Ikman book


This is the 11th book in the series about Turkish policeman, Inspector Cetin Ikman yet Barbara Nadel manages to keep the mix fresh.

This time, the setting for most of the action moves to the mystic and violent East of Turkey. Cetin’s colleague, Inspector Mehmet Suleyman is the centre of most of the action. The change of scene allows the introduction of new, powerful characters, the most notable being Suleyman’s counterpart in the local police force.

As usual, the sense of place is strong in this novel. The plot is complex but plausible. The real star of the book is the clan culture of Eastern Turkey and the mysticism associated with it.

This book has an exceptionally high body count for a Cetin Ikmen novel and the book is pervading by a sense of impending violence in the East and corruption and faithlessness back in Istanbul.

This was an enjoyable read but it was marred for me by the thinness of the characterisation of an American woman who is central to the plot and who becomes at one point little more than a plot exposition device.

If you are already a fan then you’ll read this with pleasure. If this is your first time give yourself the pleasure of reading the books in sequence and start with “Belshazzar’s Daughter”.



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