Chaplin Fresco Facelift for Vevey Tower Blocks

One of the things that I enjoy about Switzerland is the constant renewal that goes on in the cities and towns and the willingness to think on a larger scale.

Vevey is a town of a little over 180,000 people, about 40% of whom are foreign nationals. Recently the town has been growing and the local authority have been renovating some of the  tower blocks that provide accommodation in what was once the industrial part of town.

But the local authorities went one step beyond refurbishing these towers; they decided to install Europe’s largest frescoes and pay tribute to Charlie Chaplin, who spent the latter part of his life in the town.

The results were officially unveiled this weekend.

I think they look wonderful.

One of the main routes into town from the motorway crosses a bridge that is slightly higher than the tower blocks and which gives a great view of the frescoes.

It is refreshing to see the development of the town being addressed with such a spirit of hope and creativity


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