NaMoWriMo 2011 – I’m jumping into the abyss

I’ve been struggling to write recently. My time seems not to be my own. I wake up each day already late for something. Yet experience tells me that I write best when I’m writing under pressure. Put me in a quiet office with the whole day ahead of me and the screen remains blank. Put me on a plane or train with an hour to fill before I’m back at work and the words start to flow.

So, I’ve decided to jump-start my writing by attempting the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge of writing a novel in a month and blogging about it as I go along.

It’s insane really.

To reach the 50,000 word limit, I have to write more words in a day than I usually manage in a week.

I hope that gives me some freedom as well as some stress.

I’ve decided pick up a science fiction idea that I’ve had on the shelf for a while now.

I’m holding off writing any text until November but I’m kick the story line around.

It takes place in the near future and deals with the consequences of gene warfare.

As usual, I have lots of ideas and almost no structure.

Still, that’s part of the fun. Isn’t it?

If you want to see how I’m doing or read any of the words I’ll be throwing together at great speed or comment on them so that I have some idea of whether what I’m writing make sense, then click on the picture below to go to my NaNoWriMo blog


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