Eight Female Singers Who Caught My Imagination In 2011

Last year I spent a lot of time listening to the radio as I drove across Switzerland and I found that the songs that most caught my interest were all by female singers, many of whom were new to me.

The most dramatic “Stop the car, I have to hear this” encounter was the first time I heard “Video Games” by Lana Del Ray

Del Rey brings together a distinctive voice, clever phrasing and evocative lyrics to produce a song that slithers into the mind and refuses to leave. It’s sexy in a languid, intelligent but not trying hard, kind of way that I love.


The next singer to grab my attention was Skylar Grey.

Skylar Gray launched herself with the single “Invisible”. I remember Skylar Grey when she was Holly Brooks. The voice is still the same but everything else is much more dramatic. Watching her video reminded me of the first time I saw an Evanesence video, dramatic and memorable. I think she’ll be anything but invisible in 2012.


The new (to me at least) talent continued with  Christina Perri and her single “Jar of Hearts”.


Perri has great lyrics, a strong voice and a video with some wonderful dance moves in it.


Lady Gaga continued to surprise.

Her song, “Edge of Glory” reminded me of Bonnie Tyler singing a Jim Steinman song. The video is, as ever, a little strange, but on the radio this song compels because of the strength of Lady Gaga’s voice.

2011 was the year that Taylor Swift grew up.

Her song “Ours” is a good modern ballad and starts to break away from the sweet little girl singing country into being a woman with something to say.

I’ve been a fan of Katy Perry for a while now.

Her latest album has five or six hits on it but my favourite is  “Firework”. It has a full rich sound, a great video and uses Katie Perry’s voice well

Like just about everyone else in the world, I fell in love with Adele’s voice in 2011.

There’s lots to choose from on her “21” album but I think the strongest if “Set Fire To The Rain”. It’s an anthem song for her passionate powerhouse voice. I also enjoyed “Someone Like You” which was perfectly offset the by moody black and white video in Paris

Finally, I was pleased to see the return of an old favourite of mine: Cyndi Lauper.

I’m not normally a Blues fan but Cyndi Lauper brings these songs alive in a way that gets under the skin and made even me think that maybe I understood what the Blues were all about.



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