“Fire Season” by David Weber – Action-oriented young adult SF story that falls a little short

fire se“Fire Season” continues the tale of Stephanie and “her” treecat. It’s a fun read, with a “talented loner teen discovers how to make friends” motif, nested in an action-oriented plot about fire and friendship and what it really means to be a person.

I suspect that, if I had been reading the printed page, I might have skimmed through pieces of the prose but Khristine Hyam’s performance kept my full attention. She brought the book to life for me.

If this was the second episode in a syfi channel tv series, I’d be looking forward to the rest of the season.

As a novel, it falls a little short, ending rather than finishing. The action scenes are very well done but some of the adult characters seem to have wandered in from Central Casting.

A fun listen but a little light.


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