My Top Ten Songs of 2013

2013 has been a great year for music: lots of fresh voices with strong lyrics and rich sounds. Below are the ten I’d like to remember from this year.

1. Lorde: “Royals”

Original lyrics, unforgettable sound, “We don’t care. We’re not part of your love affair. That kinda lux ain’t for us. We need a different kinda buzz” could be the manifesto for a generation… or just really clever lyrics.

2. Avicii: “Wake Me Up”

This was everywhere this year. A joyous sound and a great video.

3. Birdy: “Wings”

She keeps getting better and better – wonderful voice, beautiful lyrics and a “Alice Through The Looking Glass” video

4. Imagine Dragons: “Radioactive”

My wife turned me on to this band. Upbeat and lyrical and hey, Lou Diamond Philips is in the video.

5. Robin Thicke: “Blurred Lines”

This isn’t normally my kind of thing but Thicke delivers it all in a smooth, tongue-in-cheek style that blurs a few lines of its own and makes the song irresistible.

6. The Fray: “How To Save A Life”

This is sadness in a bottle. Haunting and melodic

7. London Grammar: “Strong”

I came across these guys late in year but they had an immediate impact. A distinctive British sound, more college than punk, that I’m sure we’ll hear more of in 2014. By the way, they’re from Nottingham, not London.

If you like “Strong” check out their live cover of Miley Syrus’ “Wrecking Ball”. No need to get naked when you can deliver the way London Grammar do.

8. OneRepublic:”Counting Stars”

Foot-tapping fun that had me smiling every time

9. Passenger: “Let Her Go”

Quirky acapella that got under my skin.

10 One Direction: “The Story of My Life”

A boy band but they can sing and this song uplifts the spirit (and who can resist a band that puts their families in the video?)


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