“I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas” by Molly Harper – Made me smile. Also made me glad it was free.

Undead_Christmas-300x300I was pleased to get this morsel as a Christmas present from Molly Harper and audible.com.

This novella is a Christmas Special for all Half Moon Hollow fans. The gang is all there, even if assembling them is a rather clumsy process.

There’s a little bit of mystery, a confused love life, humorous disasters and just enough of a cameo appearance from each character to remind you why you liked them without telling you anything you didn’t know.

In the glow of the Christmas Tree lights and warmed by some good wine, this story slipped through my mind without causing any disturbance other than the occasional snort of laughter, until it ended more abruptly than even a novella should. Suddenly, I was listening to recipes being read out and wondering “did I fall asleep and miss something?” – well, it happens, especially with the wine and all – but it turned out that the story stopped without really ending.

If you’re not a Half Moon Hollow Fan, don’t start here. Start with “Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs” and savour the fun from the beginning.

If you are a fan, be encouraged, it sounds like more fun stuff with GiGi and the truly frightening Ophelia.


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