Pictures from the 2015 Feria de abril de Sevilla – a Spring Fair celebrating life in Seville

cartel-fiestas-primavera-de-sevilla-2015My wife and I visited Seville, the capital of Andalusia in Spain, for the first time this year.

We had expected to spend time taking in the Real Alcazar, a Royal Palace famous for it mix of Moorish and Christian architectural styles, and the slightly bloated cathedral.

What we hadn’t expected was to find ourselves in the middle of a major local festival.

Originally a livestock fair, the Feria de abril de Sevilla is now a major social event where the city notables parade on horse back or in carriages and people party in casetas, open-fronted tents, mostly for private parties.

During the six days of the Feria, most people dress in the traditional Andalusian style. The people embrace the Feria with enthusiasm. The atmosphere is friendly and sociable. People come to the Feria to see and be seen and to have a good time, mostly in family groups. I hope the picture below give a flavour of the event.

We had expected that only a few people would be in costume. As we walked along the river to the Fair we started to realize that people revel in the opportunity to dress in a traditional style. They are also very happy to be photographed.


a02 a03

The Feria takes place in a huge fairground with hundreds of casetas and thousands of people. The pavements are crammed with people while the roads are dominated by riders and horses.

b01 b02 b03 b04 b05 b06 b07 b08 b09 b10

But the spirit of the Feria isn’t limited to the Fair Grounds. The party continues in the nearby Maria Louisa Park and the grounds of the 1929 Expo pavilions. Here, small groups enjoy dancing

c01 c02c03


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