A beautiful day in Vevey

The Vevey On Lake Geneva May 2016


I took this picture today as we walked along the promenade at Vevey on Lake Geneva (or Lac Léman as it’s called locally).

The ship is the S.S. Vevey, built in 1907 and restored to its Belle Epoque glory three years ago. In the background you can see the Dents Du Midi and the mouth of the Rhone, flowing out from Valais.

I’ve lived in this area for more than a decade and it still takes my breath away: dramatic scenery, warm weather, lot’s of places to eat and drink while watching the sun glint on the lake.

Vevey doesn’t normally show up on tourist itineraries. It’s a working town, home to Nestlé’s global headquarters, with a history as a logistics hub for exporting wine and cheese and other goods. Perhaps because it’s a working town, I find it more relaxed and more welcoming than it’s neighbour, Montreux.

If you ever find yourself taking the spectacular train ride from Geneva to Zermatt, get off at Vevey and give yourself time to take in the scenery or even take a ride on the S.S: Vevey.


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