Fun at the River Festival in Liverpool

masted ships at the river festival liverpool 2016.jpg

Today the sun shone on the crowds at the River Festival at the Albert Dock and the Pier Head in Liverpool . Thousands of people turned out to watch jetboats do backflips, wave to a man gliding calmly meters above the water on columns of pressured water coming from a James Bond style jet backpack, and listen to the live bands playing across the site.

Despite the crowded conditions (with Stewards needing to direct pedestrian traffic over some of the narrower bridges) every was good-humoured and relaxed.

The three ships shown in the picture above looked splendid in the sunshine so we walked towards them and found that the middle one was being used as stage.ian prowse at the River Festival Liverpool 2016Ian Prowse sang a series of folk/rock/Irish music that was a memorable mix of guitar, penny whistle, and a powerful melodic voice pushing out songs that told stories of loss, love and protest that had the crowd clapping along  He sang about how he felt after the birth of his daughter “Maybe There’s A God After All” and a tribute to Mohamed Ali and finally a protest song called “Does This Train Stop At Merseyside” covering abuse from slave ships and famine ships to the Yorkshire Police failing the fans at Hillsborough.



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