“Tesser: A Dragon Among Us – Reemergence #1” by Chris Philbrook

tesser-a-dragon-among-usTesser is a shape-shifting, immortal dragon, who literally fathered all life on earth. At least he did before someone or something sent him to sleep for tens of thousands of years.

He wakes up under modern Boston to discover that man has moved from caves to condos and magic has faded from the world.

He takes on the shape of a man who makes Jack Reacher look like a weakling, to explore the city and, after a bizarre incident that briefly brings him fame on YouTube,  ends up as a bouncer at an all-night pizza place.

Then things start to get weird.

This was an amusing read with some original ideas on myth and magic and some good contemporary dialogue filled with colourful invective.

Sadly, it had all the depth you’d expect of a child’s cartoon, was filled with cardboard evil villains and damsels who needed rescuing and had the same grasp of political reality as Donald Trump. Emotions flipped between rage and maudlin sentimentality so that I was never really engaged with the humans.

As for the dragon, Tesser, he seemed like the ultimate embodiment of the wishes of those who want the world to be led by a strong, fair-but-firm, what-I-say-goes-or-I’ll-kick-your-ass immortal. I immediately wanted to find a way to send him back to sleep.

The audiobook version was well narrated by James Foster, making this a pleasant way to spend a few hours but I don’t think I’ll be listening to the next book in the series.





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