“A Lonely Resurrection – John Rain #2” by Barry Eisner

A Lonely Resurrection.jpg

“A Lonely Resurrection” follows straight on from “A Clean Kill In Tokyo”, John Rain is trying to lie low and retire from the killing business but is pulled back into that world by his friend and sometime protector, a police inspector on a crusade against corruption in Japan.

“A Lonely Resurrection” was good solid entertainment all the way through. It spends a lot of time on (very) physical and vividly described combat, John Rain kills more people and with more ease than Jack Reacher normally manages and he seems to have much better sex with the women in his life. The plot provided a satisfying mix of feint and attack and betrayal that kept me guessing.

Barry Eisler narrates his own book perfectly, getting the pace right and squeezing out all the drama without becoming melodramatic.

One of the things I enjoyed most was the verbal love affair Barry Eisner has with Tokyo. He makes me hungry to go there. Read the description below of Tokyo by night and you’ll see what I mean.

There’s something so alive about Tokyo at night;  something so imbued with possibilities. Certainly the day time, with its zig-zagging schools of pedestrians and thundering trains and hustle and noise and traffic, is the more upbeat of the cities melodies, but the city also seems burdened by the  quotidian clamor and almost relieved ,every evening, to be able to ease into the twilight and set aside the weight of the day. Night strips away the superfluity and the distractions. You move through Tokyo at night and you feel you’re on the verge of discovering that thing you’ve always longed for- At night, you can hear the city breathe.

It’s clear that John Rain, killer and loner that he is, reluctantly and hesitantly, on a journey to discover the possibility of redemption or, perhaps, atonement in these books. He is developing as a character but his true nature is unlikely to change. He will always kill. The questions are, how will he direct his killing? For profit? For personal vengeance? Or for something bigger and more important than himself.

I’ve booked myself a monthly John Rain entertainment spot until I’ve read the entire season.

Go to Barry Eisler^s website to hear him read an extract from chapter one and to get more background on the places his stories take place in.

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