“Let It Be Known” by Mike Finn

Let it be known.001

Let It Be Known

Increasingly we say
he kneeled when we know he knelt,
she leaped when we know she lept.

This modern habit
of regular, tidy, easy speech
does not please my ever hungry ear.

When declining an ending
finally pries a key from my tongues piano,
let it be known, I wept.


©mike finn 2018



3 thoughts on ““Let It Be Known” by Mike Finn

  1. The picture is worth a thousand words. The words…ahhh, the words.

    Thank you from a writer who still uses knelt and lept (and dived instead of dove).



  2. Of course, that should have been “leapt.” (In my defense, I made in great haste to respond to this poem.) 😀



    • Hi Rose,

      typos do no violence to the language and can sometimes produce wonderful outcomes. I’m glad you liked the idea of keeping language irregular. It seems to me it’s a form of linguisitic biodiversity.


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